Miss Lumbee 2015 - Alexis Jones

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Her Words:

I've been living in Wilmington going on three years now, and I probably get asked "what are you" on an average of 8 times a day. My answer is "I'm Native American, an enrolled member of the Lumbee tribe of North Carolina", and the response is always the same "what percentage?" Now you see I am fully aware that when people ask me what percentage I am that they have no intentions of being disrespectful, with that being said I will say this...if I identified as anything else other than Native American I WOULD'VE SAID IT WHEN YOU ASKED ME WHAT MY ETHNICITY WAS. If you told me you were white, black, Korean, Hispanic, or Dominican wouldn't you think it would be odd if my response to that was "oh really what percent?" HAHAHA exactly? I am Native American, LUMBEE to be exact my parents are Native American, their parents are Native American, their parents were Native American, and their parents were Native American. Blood quantum only seems to matter when someone says they're Native American. Telling me your 16% Native American, but unsure of what tribe, a descendant of Pocahontas, your grandma is Cherokee, and that you love Pocahontas is irrelevant to me when you check "white" on official documents and have no ties to American Indian culture. It's not a trend, it's not something you can claim on special occasions or when it's convenient for you. Stop asking me what percentage I am when I tell you my race, because if it was anything other than Native American I would let it be known. Also, I don't have to validate my heritage to anyone, nor do I seek validation. I am Native American, I am a proud enrolled member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, and remember, it all began on the east coast baby ❤

"You see I walk with my head held high, there's no doubt
Cause in my veins there is something that thrives, makes me want to shout
But as I look around, where is the pride?
You see my people are strong 
So tell me what's going on
We made it all through these years
Blood, sweat, and tears
Can I get an Indian call?
But as I look around, where is the pride?
And the children, you are all so beautiful don't let anyone tell you wrong!
We're going to build an empire someday
And let the world hear what we have to say.
So Native girls and Native boys 
Lift up your voice and make some noise 
We're proud people from the 910
Let em know."

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