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Terry Littlejohn’s passion for photography grew from his desire to travel the world. When he was first challenged to capture an image as he saw it, rather than by simply using his camera’s ‘auto’ setting, that was just the beginning.

Now, his combined passions help fuel his desire to see new places, meet new people, and experience the world as only he can. Terry wanted his company to be about things he loves rather than himself, so he named it Wanderlust Tableau. Wanderlust being the strong desire to travel the world. Tableau being a pause during, or at the end of a scene when all performers freeze in position. Together, they mean traveling photographs.

This means that although he’s based in Charleston, SC, he travels worldwide regularly and is always looking for an excuse to visit somewhere new. As for his style: he considers his art minimalist and is inspired by other photographers whose images are stunning, and yet simple at the same time. His goal is to capture real-life moments and the raw emotions that go along with them. Fortunately, his biggest asset is getting people to open themselves up to him so that he can freeze time at the perfect second.

He’s been published in six magazines and is constantly searching for new contests to enter so that he can reach a broader audience. He wants to show more people the images he loves in hopes that they, too, will be inspired. His goal when working with a client, follows the motto: “one for thee, then one for me” because he wants the work he loves to do to also create something for those he shoots. Terry hopes to one day turn his photographs into a book featuring shots from all seven continents.




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