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And Then There Were Two

May 24, 2018
On this journey of mine, as the love of travel has taken over, I've silently yearned to visit all 7 continents. Was there ever a plan of what to do or see on each, possib...
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Miss Lumbee 2015 - Alexis Jones

November 22, 2017
Her Words: I've been living in Wilmington going on three years now, and I probably get asked "what are you" on an average of 8 times a day. My answer is "I'm Native Amer...
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Wanderlust: Los Angeles - Part IV

October 24, 2017
Los Angeles was all work and no play, but Part IV was a relaxing shoot with Kaylen Zahara. She's a TV personality, digital influencer, and model from the west coast. I re...
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