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Wanderlust: Antarctica

October 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

wanderlust (wan·der·lust): A strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.
tableau (taˈblō): A picturesque grouping of people or objects.

The meaning of Wanderlust Tableau has finally been able to take shape as I was able to do my latest photo shoot in Antarctica – the place that has been my home away from home for a few months every year.  My goal of conducting photo shoots wherever I travel has lead me to recent places such as Christchurch, New Zealand and now McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

Shortly after arriving, I created a flyer displaying a sample of my work and the details of what I wanted to do in hopes that a willing model would want to participate. It took a couple days, but I received an email from Kira Morris, a model and 2014 McMurdo winter resident.  She was interested in adding some photos from Antarctica into her portfolio so this opportunity worked perfectly for the both of us.
To show her what I had in mind for the shoot, I prepared a storyboard and then we were at the mercy of mother nature as the weather here changes frequently.  Thankfully we were able to shoot during a beautiful McMurdo day, -2.2F with one of the last sunsets of the year and Hut Point Peninsula in the background, where we shot along the beach while attempting to stay “warm”.

It quickly became painful to operate the camera and concentrate on getting the shots I wanted as my fingers and toes became numb and I was afraid of getting frostbite, but we worked well together throughout and were able to run indoors during a wardrobe change to warm up.
It was a pleasure working with Kira for the short amount of time we could brave the weather and this experience adds to the excitement and fulfillment at furthering my goal!

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