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December 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

During one of my many daily scrolls through the Gram, I noticed Sarah posted a picture of her friends sitting on a roof, just relaxing.  I quickly liked the post and commented, "I want to shoot up there," and she responded, "Let me know."  After a few text message exchanges, we set up to shoot a few days later at sunset. 

Once on the roof, Sarah wondered what clothes she should wear.  I had to laugh, because it was the most casual shoot ever and even though we called it a photo shoot, I just wanted to take some pictures.  In the end, she chose a hat and we started talking and shooting.  We had a few shots in mind we wanted to accomplish, but the rest was whatever happened, and trying not to fall from the 4 story house.

We shot for about an hour while discussing past, present, and future travel plans.  Being a military brat, she's seen the world while traveling with her family, but since she's almost done with college, she's planning her next move in life, but plans to travel first.  I admire that because I've done it opposite way, but the travel bug bites when it wants.  It was fun shooting with her again and getting to talk travel the entire time.

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