Wanderlust Tableau Photography | Wanderlust: Sydney - Part III

Wanderlust: Sydney - Part III

January 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

But wait, there's more...

Another addition to the Wanderlust Series and its back to Sydney, NSW shooting with Haruna Fujii, a freelance model and makeup artist from Japan.  I will never complain about the amount of people I get to work with while there, but the goal for this year is to expand further.  I'll be back in Sydney during the latter part of the year and happy to say there are 3 more people waiting to collaborate with me. 

I initially contacted Haruna on Model Mayhem but then moved to Instagram as I followed her work with a very talented photographer in Sydney.  When looking for faces to photograph I usually start with MM, but over the past year I've been getting more "social" on IG.  Both sources have their caveats, but have helped me reach people I never would've had the chance to, and for that I am grateful.

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