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Birds of a Feather

May 17, 2017  •  1 Comment

A couple times a year I like to challenge myself with a concept photo shoot so, in December, I thought about doing something with live animals. The list of feasible options meant that getting a tiger was out of the question, but I began to plan around the color white.  

With that major piece of the puzzle being solved, I was led to another challenge: how to get access to doves. After asking around, I got in touch with Pam Cox Jutte of Holy City Doves. Luckily, she was very interested in my concept and welcomed me to her home. That's where I was introduced to the birds and got to see how a release works.

Once I had that set, I found the perfect dress and contacted Madelyn Cline to see if she was available for the shoot and to get her dress size. I have worked with her previously and hoped she'd be interested in working together once more. As you'll see below, she also liked the concept. With three major obstacles figured out, I set out to style the shoot. I'm not one to shop for accessories, but I enlisted the help of friends and family whom I all owe a giant "Thank You" and gathered the materials I needed. 

Last but not least, came the task of finding someone to do Maddie's hair and makeup so that the pictures would be in the best condition for submissions. For that, I contacted Elizabeth Ricci, because I've worked with twice before and knew could take the sample images I provided and still add her own flavor to it.

With that, we all gathered at Pam's home to pull everything together for the shoot. The great company and atmosphere meant we enjoyed ourselves over the course of the 4 hours we were there. The best part was that, because the birds didn't have far to fly once released, we were able to do multiple takes of them in flight which added to the fun.

The images were submitted to Dark Beauty Magazine and accepted for their social media feed which will be posted on June 13th. No doves were harmed in the making of these photographs.

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This is absolutely gorgeous!! I love your work.
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