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Wanderlust: Dallas - Part II

June 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The second shoot for Wanderlust: Dallas was with the great personality of Crissy Henderson. We me at sunrise for an hour session on the morning of my flight back to Charleston. I really had to thank her for committing to the shoot as she had gotten off work 4hrs prior.

I've seen quite a few photographers use string lights on Instagram and wanted to give them a try for myself. Crissy responded to my message saying she hadn't modeled in awhile, but I reassured her it wasn't a problem for me. I sent her some sample images of what I wanted to created and we went from there. 

For some reason she continues to think she let me down with the shoot and promises we'll have a redo one day, which I won't say no too, but I'm a fan of the images because of the warm lighting against her face from the lights.

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